Rumble Strips

Rumblestrips are a proven safety measure used to warn motorists they’ve drifted outside of their travel lane. As a result, they’re becoming more and more common as an integral part of highway design.

Trench Milling

Trench milling is a process we use for widening rural road edges to improve safety. We’ve recently built new machines for trench milling, able to cut 1 to 4-foot wide trenches. Milled materials can be hauled off or laid along the shoulder.

Curbline Edge Milling

Curbline edge milling preps city streets for overlays so the overlay will be flush with gutters.

Micro and Fine Milling

Micro milling, or fine milling, is a CP process that uses a cutting drum equipped with additional cutting teeth in order to produce a much finer textured surface. Micro Milling’s primary application is to improve ride-ability and/or uniformity of the surface prior to the surface course application. It is also used to correct some minor pavement distresses by removing a very thin layer of existing pavement or to remove pavement markings due to changing traffic flows or reconstruction activities.

Improved Design

We’ve developed a new and innovative design of rumblestrips: The football pattern has several features which make rumblestrips more appealing to both the road owner and the traveling public:


  • The unique rounded design allows wind and rain to clean the self-draining indentations.
  • The gradual increase in intensity is more motorcycle and bicycle friendly.
  • While the dimensions of the layout continue to give off the audible warning signal, a taper on all sides eliminates the abrupt vertical lip that occurs on the old style of rumblestrips.

Benefits in the Community

As mentioned above, the primary benefit of rumblestrips in general is safety. The ground materials that come from grinding rumblestrips can also be recycled and used in future road repairing projects.

Grinding the rumblestrips into the asphalt rather than rolling in the indentations is advantageous as well because it can be done at any time, as a part of the original design OR can be added to existing asphalt or concrete shoulders.

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